With all the functions of the World's first all-in-one:
changing poncho, blanket, towel & stuff sack ....
How do you transform Sesh Sun from one function into another?

Our founder, Liz Bryant, shows you how to maximize your use of Sesh Sun in the text and video below.

Zipper Advice

Think of our side zippers like a sleeping bag zipper.

Make sure both puller heads are tight together. Insert the zipper teeth through both puller heads. You are now able to lock-in the zipper and move it up and down.

Changing Poncho

Sesh Sun is completely customizable to your body. You control the amount of movement and skin shown. 

If you want a more fitted poncho = tighten the zippers. If you want to move more inside your poncho = loosen the zippers.

The neck, leg and underarm areas all have zippers to adjust.

Here are a few examples. 

  1. When taking off a shirt, sports bra or swimsuit top: loosen the neck zippers to pull clothing over your head.
  2. To ensure there is no slide boob slip: tighten zippers under your arms.
  3. To reach inside poncho and move around while you change: loosen the zippers under your arms.

From Poncho to Blanket and Towel

Simply, unzip from under your arms toward your feet. Once poncho is off you, zip the neck to create a seamless blanket or towel.

I encourage you to dry off with the print side. Our 100% organic combed cotton absorbs water and remains lightweight ... you won't have an arm weight when wet. 

Our recycled mesh liner wicks away moisture. After you dry off and want to sit on the blanket, you won’t feel like you’re sitting in a swamp.

Water Repellant Pocket 

Contain your wet swimsuit inside the water repellant pocket, so everything else doesn't get wet. Place your phone, keys and wallet inside the pocket to protect from sun, sand and water.

Stuff Sack

Turn the pocket inside out and start stuffing. Zip the stuff sack closed and carry on your wrist. This fabric is water repellant fabric NOT water resistant nor waterproof.

Return to poncho mode ... remember our zipper advice

Make sure both puller heads are tight together. Insert the zipper teeth through both puller heads. This is when you are able to lock-in the zipper and move it up and down.

Hang to dry 

Hang to dry using the elastic loop at the neck. Made from ECO NYL that would have been thrown away after a swimsuit company's production.

Thank You!

If you just received your Sesh Sun in the mail, thank you! Please show us where you use it and your favorite uses - by tagging @seshsun on Instagram.