Sesh Sun is a woman owned & operated business.

We empower our fellow sisters by:

  1. selecting female artists' one-of-a-kind designs
  2. sewing at a female-owned factory
  3. teaching women how to travel light & adventure with confidence

Liz Bryant, Founder

Sesh Sun is the invention of La Jolla, California local Liz Bryant, often known as @WildByTheMile on Instagram & YouTube. Bryant’s dream of a year long surf trip was halted by COVID-19. Despite the global pandemic forcing international borders to close, spirits were lifted when she woke up at 4:00 am with the idea for a surf changing poncho with multiple uses. Bryant spent a year developing the garment, even remembering how to sew from 9th grade Home Ec. 

Sesh Sun is built on this value: the less stuff you own, the less cluttered your mind, the less footprint on our Planet. Our founder learned this while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015, followed by living & traveling in a Mercedes Sprinter in 2018. Whether packing your entire life into a backpack or van, both require traveling light & owning items with more than one use.

Sesh Sun's changing poncho is designed for water women & the minimalist traveler with style - we don't believe you have to compromise. 

Bryant still takes you along on her solo female travels on Instagram & Youtube.

Kasey Free, Artist

Kasey Free is an artist and designer living in Seattle, Washington. Her work is multi-faceted and created with a variety of techniques, from cut-paper collage, pen and paint, to digital mediums. Kasey finds endless inspiration in botanicals, nature, and her travels to destinations far-flung as well as in her Pacific Northwest backyard.

Fernanda Martínez, Artist

Fernanda Martínez / LA TINTA is a Mexican artist and muralist based in Oakland, California. Fernanda’s art is best recognized for its highly expressive spirit; through her work she explores the human interaction with the environment by incorporating nature elements as themes, using acrylic as medium.   

Over the past four years, Fernanda has shown her work throughout galleries, markets, and murals; she has also collaborated with brands licensing designs for seasonal retail and textile collections. LA TINTA’s products can be found in local shops and select online platforms. For inquiries regarding Fernanda’s original work, commissions and collaborations please email at:      

Kim Eichler-Messmer, Artist

Kim Eichler-Messmer grew up in Iowa as a self-described nature kid. When not camping, hiking, or foraging with her parents, she spent her time playing with art supplies and daydreaming about imaginary worlds. Kim earned a BFA in Studio Art and an MFA in Textiles and is currently an Associate Professor of Fiber at the Kansas City Art Institute. She is still a nature kid at heart and grows or forages many of the dyes she uses in her one of a kind quilts.